Litigation and Appellate Advocacy

Our Litigation and Appellate Advocacy Practice Group assists clients throughout the region in all aspects of trial and Appellate work, aggressively representing clients in proceedings before State and Federal Courts and Government Agencies.

We have experience across virtually every area of business litigation, including: anti-trust and trade regulation, employment discrimination, franchise suits, insurance defense, medical malpractice, securities, mineral and energy, product liability and contract disputes. Our attorneys also recognize that in some cases, alternatives to Litigation, such as Arbitration or Mediation, may be in the client’s best interest.

The diversity of experience within the firm allows us to effectively serve our clients in litigation-related matters by using a team approach to problem-solving that serves to reach an effective and efficient outcome for our clients. We call upon the expertise of attorneys in various disciplines throughout the firm in consultation with our clients to assure that the client’s needs are addressed. This philosophy and approach enables us to give our clients specialized expertise in a specific legal area while at the same time avoiding unnecessary, duplicative work and expense.

Ultimately, our objective is to provide our clients with value by providing the highest quality of representation while keeping an eye on monitoring costs. This overriding goal leads to our successfully resolving disputes in a prompt, effective and cost-efficient manner.