David Miller Publishes “The Book of David”

Posted on Jan 10, 2017

Ziemer, Stayman, Weitzel & Shoulders partner, David V. Miller, has authored a book of thoughtful commentaries, reflections, short stories and observations which explore and illuminate the essence of the day-to-day human experience. It does not focus at all on the practice of law. The spirit, tone and messages of The Book of David recall the works of Lewis Grizzard, Dave Barry, Art Buchwald, and H.L. Mencken.

The website for The Book of David is TheBookofDavidMiller.com, which contains additional information, reader reviews, and purchase information. David has been pleased with the strong and sustained public acceptance of his book and is hard at work on a sequel. Anyone interested in acquiring The Book of David may do so through the website or by calling Ziemer, Stayman, Weitzel & Shoulders.

Posted on Jan, 10 2017