Our philosophy regarding the recruitment and matriculation of Associates is simple: recruit only the best and brightest law students and associate-level attorneys who are looking to make the Evansville area their home, and then provide them with the experience, training and professional development that will prepare each of them for partnership. We are always looking to consider those law students and associate-level lawyers that meet our standards of accomplishment.

Please address any inquiries in confidence to Jean M. Blanton or Nick J. Cirignano.

Summer Program

We offer a summer clerkship program for law students (both 1L and 2L) as well as recent graduates who are preparing for judicial clerkships. During the course of the summer, each clerk will have the opportunity to work on a range of matters with numerous Attorneys in the Firm.


We seek to be selective in our hiring practices. We only offer summer clerk positions to those students who we believe will be capable of meeting our standards for an offer of an Associate position, and we only offer Associate positions to those who we believe will ultimately be capable of meeting our standards for Partnership.

Naturally, in the final analysis, each clerk or Associate is personally responsible for achieving the development necessary to advance in their career. However, we have no fixed minimum or maximum Partner-to-Associate ratios, and therefore we face no artificial constraints when hiring Associates or promoting Associates to Partnership. The economic success of our Partnership is not dependent upon leveraging significant amounts of less lucrative (and often unfulfilling) work across a large Associate base. Instead, it is dependant upon surrounding ourselves with only highly capable practitioners who can foster and service a broad clientele with sophisticated needs.

Accordingly, we are able to offer Associate positions to promising lawyers and law students as they become available to join the Firm (through graduation or otherwise), and advance our Associates to Partnership whenever they develop the legal skills and personal qualities required of a Partner. Historically, Partnership determinations for Associates who join us directly out of law school have occurred six and a half to seven years after graduation.

Our Success

Our hard work and reputation enable us to enjoy a challenging workload that perpetuates our professional fulfillment. Of course, professional rewards are not the only benefit we derive from the practice. The quality of our practice has also allowed the firm to enjoy a high level of economic success. As a result, we routinely lead the local market in Associate compensation and benefits.

Our People

Our Attorneys possess varied backgrounds, personalities and interests, although we do share certain common characteristics – we are energetic, capable, academically successful and driven to succeed. We also share a commitment to our firm and each other. In recruiting summer clerks and Associates, we look for these same traits of enthusiasm, intelligence and loyalty. Moreover, and while we are all dedicated workers, we also recognize that a rewarding legal practice amounts to little if it comes at the expense of a meaningful family and personal life. We take pride in the fact that we are able to find a balance between our professional and personal endeavors.