Important Changes to Indiana’s Home Improvement Contracts Act that Affect Contractors

Posted on Apr, 2 2018

The importance of Indiana’s Home Improvement Contracts Act (“HICA”) is not widely known to contractors who perform work on residential homes. However, a contractor’s failure to abide by HICA could render a contract unenforceable leaving the contractor unpaid and even responsible for attorney’s fees and triple damages incurred by the consumer. Recently, HICA has been updated to impose additional requirements on what contractors must include in their contracts.   The purpose of HICA is to protect consumers by placing specific minimum...

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Saving Assets and Income from Nursing Home Expense

Posted on Jan, 25 2018

Everyone knows that full-time nursing home care is expensive, usually costing a resident more than $6,000 per month in Indiana. What many people don’t know, however, is that, in many cases, the government doesn’t immediately pay for that care. Unless proper planning is done, the government frequently won’t pay for a long-term stay in a nursing home facility in Indiana until the resident has spent down most of his/her money and other assets. What even fewer people know is that, in many cases, there are LEGAL planning...

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Estate Plans Involving Disabled Children

Posted on Jan, 24 2018

A parent of a disabled child typically faces special estate planning concerns and decisions. One of those special concerns usually relates to how an inheritance can be left to the disabled child while also preserving the child’s present or future eligibility to receive government benefits from means-tested “welfare” programs, such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income. Frequently, specific planning vehicles should be considered in such a situation, including an “ABLE” account and a “third-party special needs” trust....

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What is “Medicaid planning”?

Posted on Aug, 2 2017

As part of my law practice, I frequently advise clients on long-term care planning concerns, including with respect to “Medicaid planning” concerns for elderly and disabled Hoosiers. What is “Medicaid planning” in this context? When a client or a client’s family member either (1) has to enter or already has entered a nursing home in Indiana because of disabilities or age-related infirmity, or (2) is likely to enter a nursing home in Indiana within a few years, determining how to pay for the ongoing cost of that care usually becomes a...

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